Labour Law for Companies.

For many years, our lawyers have been successfully advising and representing companies of all sizes nationwide in all areas of labour and employment law. Whe­ther they have retained us for long-term advice or for specific projects, our clients appreciate our clear, solution-oriented and practice-tested recommen-           

dations, as well as our ability to thoroughly implement all necessary measures. Our highly experienced litigation lawyers conduct court proceedings in all court instances.

Drafting Employment Conditions

We advise companies in connection with the drafting and introduction of up-to- date and company-specific employment conditions, e.g. flexible remunera­tion and working hour models, drafting employment contracts and collective arrange­ments such as works agreements and (company-based) collective bar­gaining agree­ments. In negotiations with works councils and unions our clients trust our extensive experience and solution-oriented approach.

Restructuring Programs

Our clients appreciate our particular expertise especially when it comes to difficult HR issues, such as restructuring, transfers of business, relocations or closures, which frequently involve staff reductions and the risk of damage to the com­pany's image. We help companies plan these moves and negotiate reconciliations of interests and social compensation plans, and make sure that the necessary measures are effectively implemented from start to finish. As a result, we are re­gularly able to implement these measures with the consent of the affected em­ployees, works councils and unions while adhering to the given timetable and budget and avoiding proceedings before labour courts.

Advising Companies in Matters Involving Manage­ment Board Members and Managing Directors

Drafting and terminating contracts with corporate officers involve not only special issues of the law governing employment contracts and service contracts, but also special company law issues. Liability issues are becoming increasingly important. We have many years of experience in advising companies on these issues (e.g. separation, compensation, old-age pensions, non-compete clauses, change-of-control provisions, damage claims, D&O) and we have extensive expertise representing them in court.

Representation in Court: Tough but Fair

Our experience and reputation in court has been established, for the benefit of our clients, in more than a thousand proceedings involving a wide variety of labour law issues before all labour court instances, as well as before German Regional Courts (Landgerichte) and Higher Regional Courts (Oberlandes­ge­richte). We have repeatedly demonstrated our staying power and our procedural skills in numerous individual proceedings as well as in class actions. This is why we are able to assess the risks and opportunities associated with any pro­ceeding without resort to court for our clients where necessary and expedient.

We also have particular experience in the following areas:

  • providing strategic advice to management and executive levels
  • providing ongoing advice to HR, legal departments and business units
  • drafting and optimising employment contracts and termination agreements;
  • managing separations and conflict resolution, dismissals,
    termination agreements
  • introducing flexible compensation systems and working hour models
  • leasing of employees
  • assignments abroad
  • internet and social media in the workplace
  • employee data protection
  • occupational pensions
  • co-determination at establishment level / works constitution law
  • works constitution in the public sector
  • drafting works agreements and collective bargaining agreements
  • negotiations with works councils or staff councils, in particular negotiations concerning reconciliations of interest and social compensation plans,
    conciliation board proceedings
  • corporate restructuring procedures and transfers of business
    (§ 613a of the German Civil Code - BGB)
  • short-time work, transfer companies
  • co-determination / issues relating to the supervisory board
  • compliance
  • due diligence reviews
  • private equity, carried interest