Employment Law for Senior Executives.

We are also instructed and recommended throughout Germany for providing advice to senior executives. Drafting contracts in a proactive and anticipatory manner is vital, as is providing experienced advice in case of terminations, since errors cannot only have serious financial consequences, but can also permanently damage careers.

A broad strategic perspective and solution-oriented negotiation are essential in order to fully protect our clients’ interests. Thanks to our experience, we have been successfully advising senior executives in all industries for many years, including representation in court if necessary.

Drafting Contracts, Conflict Resolution and Litigation

Drafting contracts strategically and in a forward-looking manner can be of decisive importance for the client’s negotiating position in a future conflict. It is also important to adopt the right course of action prior to an impending dispute. In this way, we are often able to attain the best solution for our clients: a beneficial out-of-court solution which avoids the need for litigation.

There are cases, however, where litigation is inevitable, and sometimes has to be continued until a final judgement is rendered, regardless of whether we act for the client as a plaintiff or as a defendant. We have many years of experience in successfully handling even highly complex litigation on behalf of senior executives in all court instances.

We also have particular experience in the following areas:

  • drafting employment contracts
  • providing advice in connection with separations
  • terminating contracts and severance arrangements
  • coaching in conflict situations and negotiations
  • liability questions, defence against damage claims, D&O insurance
  • company pensions
  • compensation arrangements, bonuses, profit shares,
    incentives, stock options
  • non-compete clauses
  • corporate share holdings
  • private equity issues, e.g. carried interest rules